A Bitcoin point of sales terminal for brick-and-mortar businesses!

Coin Commerce makes it easy for your shop, restaurant or business to accept payments in Bitcoin and receive settlement in local currency to your bank account. No fuss and easy to use. This system is built for business!

Accept Bitcoin

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Why Bitcoin?

  • Build brand loyalty by accepting Bitcoin.
  • Those who use it, love it!
  • No Hidden Fees or or charges.

Brick-and-mortar businesses

Retail, restaurants and small businesses do not have the same needs as an online shop. The Coin Commerce POS fits into your checkout process no hassle, no fuss.


No Technical knowledge needed!

The Coin Commerce POS terminal is designed for retail stores and restaurants. Everyone can use it with no special training or technical knowledge.

Bitcoin at the point of sale

Your business can easily and seamlessly accept Bitcoin at the point of sale, without changing your current systems, sharing passwords, or conducting extensive staff training. The Coin Commerce POS Terminal – designed with retail and restaurants in mind.

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The Coin Commerce POS Terminal – Ready For Business.